No electric vehicle battery system within the financial means of the average patron, be it current or proposed, can provide the security enjoyed by billions of people using live current, safely, reliably delivered from their regional grid to their place of work, homes, city streets, and sports events.

OccultAlloySecure Energy Transfer ( proposes to reduce the role of batteries to that of small auxiliary power packs for occasional use off-grid and in case of emergencies, with expensive primary battery systems relegated to specialized vehicles.

Not a single scheme for wireless power transfer for vehicles, near or in the market has the capacity to deliver full electromotive drive power, and to be frank, the economics of resonant inductive coupling or magnetic phase synchronous coupling fundamentally restricts these technologies from serious consideration as an embedded road concept, even were the limitations of physics not a inhibition to practical realization. Certainly, there are some very low power radio frequency technologies nearing market introduction but these are tailored primarily for use in charging small mobile devices and possibly scooters.

The proposal of high-power microwave beams delivering power is generally couched in terms of highly speculative macro-projects, such as satellite arrays beaming converted solar energy in the form of microwaves which are then converted to electric power for high altitude aircraft serving scientific observation, military reconnaissance, or possibly specialized communications missions. These crafts would be able to stay aloft drawing perpetual figure 8s at the edge of space for the service life of the vehicle, possibly several years. Then there are other projects that entertained the concept of using high-power microwaves to energize thermal conversion rocket motors to propel single stage to orbit manned and payload delivery missions.

Public concern about microwaves very real health and environmental hazards is addressed by an unique form of occultation. The beamed energy is only transmitted within a secure network system for authentication, authorization, and accounting. This practical “Diameter of Things” for “Internet of Things” functions across an Edge Computational schema to manage high-power, near-field microwave emitter arrays that make use of real-time 3D image data from a solid-state, laser-based, non-mechanical real-time imaging system called Flash LiDAR pioneered by Advanced Scientific Concepts of Santa Barbara, California, to control ultrafast, non-mechanical microwave beam-steering to paint energy on very low flying ships the Coast Guard legally terms Wing-In-Ground craft or vessels that have rectenna integrated hulls that convert the microwave energy at high efficiency to electric current, primary motive power from smart grid to smart road to the vehicle in flight.

OccultAlloySecure Energy Transfer is focused on a series of self-sustaining, practical demonstrations that while no less ambitious than single stage to orbit rockets, are nonetheless envisioned to serve to extend and improve our terrestrial infrastructure, by reducing risk, increasing safety, while lowering our nation’s systemic costs through creation of a semi-permanent, adaptive, resilient transportation system.

The OccultAlloy brand name is born of the term “Occultation” describing when one object is hidden by another object that passes between it and the observer. The term is often used in astronomy, but can also refer to any situation in which an object in the foreground blocks from view (occults) an object in the background. What we accomplish with our OccultAlloy RoadEdge Array would safeguard people and property by the real-time creation of precise, 3D moving images of people, pets, livestock, and wildlife in transit across the natural, cultivated, and built environments of roadways, waterways, and mechanically cultivated lands.

The OccultAlloy RoadEdge Array, is intended to robotically self-deploy upon delivery (trucked in by land or airdropped), will be physically and electronically self-healing, with future enhancements intended to provide intrinsic dual-function as a wireless emergency municipal power system. RoadEdge technology would wirelessly extend grid power to new construction sites, devastated communities (Gulf or Puerto Rico), across conserved regions of wilderness land and sea (The Entire West Coast), and should a major fire or earthquake occur (hey, it could happen), then power, communications, and mobility would remain operationally available precisely when they are most needed.

This system promises passengers and freight capacity far exceeding any other modality of transportation, gracefully traveling in near silence at speeds comparable to existing commercial airlines. We can put an end to disrupting communities to create permanent railways that impoverish some while enriching a few, end the worst cases of aircraft noise and Co2 pollution, as well as serve communities unable to economical high-speed mass transportation for personal and professional need.

In this way, we accomplish intelligent wireless energy transmission at high efficiency with optimal utilization of  existing technology, underwrite the rebuilding of corresponding infrastructure, and avoid the tragic waste of talented personnel already trained in and in place, knowledgeable and experienced in existing and near-term technology for power generation, to grid management, manufacture, sales, licensing, capacity planning,  and operational management of public, commercial, and private vehicles.

Though commercial and municipal transportation would be first realized, vehicle manufacturing cost would be cut, greater profit margin, while sales price and cost of ownership would be effectively reduced from the near elimination of this exclusive reliance on batteries as primary motive power.

Batteries and fuel cells do have a specialized place, however, their general use is that of smaller, far less expensive, and faster charging auxiliary power packs for potential use during brief periods of scheduled off-grid mobility, and of course during any impromptu, short duration emergencies.

This schema does not require and massive infrastructure change relative to any current vision of electrified transportation, and benefits the whole of society rather than the privileged few.

The entire frame of reference guiding this concept has been of optimizing the systemic use of energy while accommodating our social, economic, and ecological responsibilities.