Mission of Service

“You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
R. Buckminster Fuller

Fleet Réalta Corps is dedicated, both individually and in-union, to the formation of public-private partnerships for reinvention and continuous development of, societal-wide critical intelligence systems and cyberphysical infrastructure.

To state the obvious, life is hard. About the only thing, our Earth appears to be better at than creating life, is brutally extinguishing it. The cold fact is that over 99 percent of all species, approximately over five billion, that have ever existed are now utterly extinct.

To avoid that same, ignoble fate, demands some sober, problem-oriented thinking and behavior. Further complicating these challenges of natural hazards is our obscene propensity for killing one another with endless creativity for short-sighted profit and political advantage.

The Earth will abide no matter what we do but the temporary niche of comfort that allows of continued survival has been radically disrupted for the sake of wealth and power for a few.

The powerful, the affluent and those they favor will certainly live and live well, but for most of humankind, the consequences for exploitation will be death or a much shortened, painful existence.

We can weather what is to come if we rationally begin taking the necessary steps of reconstituting our core infrastructure and interdisciplinary systems we unconsciously depend upon every day to live.

We propose the surgical introduction of key elements of infrastructure, admixtures of software, hardware, and wetware will through practical design and automation, reduce or eliminate tasks currently employing human labor in favor of machine intelligence that is demonstrably better suited for these tasks.

In this way, we can afford the allowance of tasks that are best suited for humanic skillsets, both cultivated natural and prosthetic use of synthetic intelligence.

These tasks of engagement, demand tools of advanced relationship management. Serving to enable optimum situational awareness with contextual relevance for co-workers and patronage alike, achieving collaboration at a level of efficacy and quality previously deemed too complex, labor-intensive, and too costly for common practice.

The Three Laws of Making

  1. When any presumed scientific authority states that something is possible to make, they are almost certainly right, and whenever such an authority states that something is impossible to make, they are in all probability wrong.
  2. The only way of discovering the limits of “The Possible” is to risk our time, talent, and treasure to venture just a little way beyond that into “The Impossible”.
  3. The associated risk of these ventures must be predicated on their potential for ensuring the fitness of our species to survive, executing them in form and in function, so advanced as to appear indistinguishable from magic.
    Inspired by Arthur C. Clarke’s Three Laws