Cooperative Logistics

The Fleet Réalta High-Personalization TPL Co-Logistics seeks to engender an integrated system for optimal use of singular or combined forms of conveyance primarily within and in close proximity to a community upon receiving a given member request for service. Our focus is on aiding people to make better-informed decision-making and planning to accomplish the necessities of survival, and the aim of sustainable prosperity.

The Future . . .

Best known are the Soviet Ekranoplans, but other names have come into contemporary use like Flarecraft and Sea Skimmer to describe sea vessels that utilize a Blended Wing Body (BWB).

The form of these vessels, unlike a flying wing, is composed of a mechanically distinct hull and wing control surfaces that are a product of smooth aerodynamic blending. A BWB design may or may not be tailless. The potential advantages of the BWB approach are structural integrity with efficient high-lift wings and body. The Blended Wing Body enables the entire craft to generate lift, potentially reducing the size and drag of the wings.

The Blended Wing Body can have a lift-to-drag ratio significantly greater than a conventional craft, offering significant improvement in energy expenditure. The ArTintrí™ specific BWB metrics are optimized for what is termed Wing In Surface Effect (WISE) to float above the wave’s crest by precise creation and manipulation of a boundary layer of air resulting from the Flarecraft’s BWB shape.

Inspired by the George Pal “Martian War Machine”, from his War of the Worlds film.