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6 Terrible Business Strategies I Learned from Fyre Festival (YouTube)

Hank Green is one of my fav creative luminaires and I just wanted to share his well spoken rant here because these observations resonate deeply with me. I am in business to use my talents to add value to the world and people I love regardless of whether they know or appreciate it. Hank is a great communicator and I hope you will hear and understand what most of you can’t seem to hear even whe I say the precise same things.

M. Ní Sídach

What did you do with my Tesla, Elon! (YouTube)

This is what happens when you fail to respect cultural technology vis-a-vis relationship management as being on equal footing with material expressions of science and technology. Prioritizing things over people is idolatry, even in secular terms

Let that idea sink in for a moment.

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