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Makerspaces under pressure to revamp business models | The Globe and Mail

This Globe and Mail article speaks to the core assumption in my forming of the Federated Union, Fleet Réalta Cooperatives.

Fleet Réalta is intended as a vision of MakerSpace that extends the common focus beyond enthusiastic hobbyists and experimenters to encompass Makers who have entrepreneurial aspirations.

Here is an article in support of Makers Making A Better Living . . .
Makerspaces – the commercial venues where creative people gather to design and make their products – are under pressure to transform their business models or face closing shop.

A growing number of makerspaces have ceased operations or are under threat because of rising rents, building redevelopments and not enough cash flow to cover costs.

Read the full article here . . .

What did you do with my Tesla, Elon! (YouTube)

This is what happens when you fail to respect cultural technology vis-a-vis relationship management as being on equal footing with material expressions of science and technology. Prioritizing things over people is idolatry, even in secular terms

Let that idea sink in for a moment.

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