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Null Shard Build Blurs Line Between Game And Reality With Laser Cutting, Mold Making, 3D Printing | Hackaday

In The Room Three, players are tasked with collecting mysterious objects known as “Null Shards”. But it seems one player, who goes by the name [Juiceman], took this challenge a bit literally. Starting with promotional art released for the game, he embarked on an epic journey to create a replica “Null Shard” that ended up looking so good that one of them is currently residing in a place of honor at the headquarters of developer Fireproof Games.

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Why Your Public Transportation Sucks | Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj

I have been told I am mentally ill for asserting the facts cited in this episode that correlates systemic poverty and effective, socially relevant mobility. This is on par with claims that the purchasing power of Whites are no different than Black people. Attempts to work with the SBA and SCORE have been fruitless with reasons for refusing to support my startups as ridiculous as the name was objectionable.

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