Experiential Research, Design, and Delivery
Technocratic Sociocracy is the term of art we use to describe our general organization science and an acutely effective decision-making methodology promoting the deep engagement we strive for within our various communities of practice and their patronage.

Most Technocrats, those who seek management of organizations by technical expertise, typically employ a brand of rational decision-making that oddly doesn’t make fundamental use of real-time modeling of human psychosocial ecology, while adherents of Sociocracy profess to base its framework on a humanic expression of cybernetics, they, for the most part, do so largely outside of the scientific rigor of environmental psychology’s multiplicity of disciplines.

The meta-culture of Fleet Réalta is expressed through Participatory Action Research and Design Thinking along born of its origination well as other efforts in exploratory research by the Otherlight Salón potentially leading to future practical demonstrations all based on

Our PAR+DT lived experience concept was strongly influenced by the Stanford Art + Science programming initiative, and the much beloved Cambridge ArtScience: Culture Lab and Café, itself inspired by the opening of Le Laboratoire Paris in 2007. It is less about politics and transient feel-good experiences and more about the disciplined study and practices both personal and collaborative offering potential for longterm vitality and fitness to adapt, create, and produce.

The study and practice referred to from critical self-reflection as an effort in discernment our implicit biases to collaboration in creating innovative practical demonstrations of concepts serving the public good, wholly guided by insights born understanding the human psychosocial ecology. That means we hope to attract members from across the multidisciplinary spectrum Environmental Psychology study and practice including the pioneering group work concepts of Ecological Counseling.

Some of these demonstations will be introduced via fusions of improvisational street theatre cutting edge experimental science within speculative fictional narratives, with practical effects that serve the intention of our creating a powerful shared experience, invocating collaborative discovery, learning, understanding, and design. Unique to our Maker Culture(1) is a commitment to demonstrate created works that in form and in function, appear Indistinguishable From Magic.