As stated by Peter Drucker, a good business model is a narrative that answers some age-old questions, Who is the customer? What does the customer value? What is the underlying economic logic that explains how we can deliver value to customers within an appropriate cost structure?

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein paraphrase of text written May 24, 1946

The Fleet Réalta Corps is Cultural Technology designed to collaboratively see, analyze, synthesize, manage together, to optimize human strengths, accommodate human limitations.

Makers Making A Better Living, dedicated to building instrumental fusions of software, hardware, wetware that promote healthy, fit, thriving communities through the reinvention of critical infrastructure.

We are responsible for the foundations of a just and practical society, continuously maintaining and recreating systemic, relational, structural forms that are secure, accountable, efficient, effective, socioeconomically, and environmentally responsible.

In the execution of our ArtScience, we own a moral context that demands the processes of labor and its fruit be equitably just in it’s apportionment, accessible and accountable, characteristically adaptive, flexible, and highly resilient for life in a volatile world.

General Corporate Description

Better managed relationships make for better decision-making, so the Federation Technocratic begins and ends with the Federation Humanic, a cultural technology that measurably adds value to the human experience of labor through the interdisciplinary science of Environmental Psychology.

Formed as a unique Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation we are a Co-operative Capitalist, Federated  Union of Worker-Owned Cooperatives governed by a form of Technocratic Sociocracy.

Much the same in fundamentals as a federal credit union, the design of this federation technically extends beyond that traditional business model by providing deeply engaged fiscal sponsorship to its Maker constituents through critical intelligence and infrastructure as a service.

We ensure success through the delivery of these services with high personalization to our broad constituency of Maker Cooperatives, and corresponding Ancillary Cooperatives, fundamentally enabling Economic Democracy for Social Democracy.