As stated by Peter Drucker, a good business model is a narrative that answers some age-old questions, Who is the customer? What does the customer value? What is the underlying economic logic that explains how we can deliver value to customers within an appropriate cost structure?

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein paraphrase of text written May 24, 1946

The Fleet Réalta Corps is essentially a new breed of FinTech, a financial service technology corporation organized as a federated union. It is committed to the comprehensive health and fitness of its constituent worker cooperatives, ensuring their prosperity by the responsible, sustainable, provisioning of Critical Intelligence and Critical Infrastructure, Culture as a Technology.

“You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

We will work in public-private partnerships to surgically create cyberphysical instruments, combinate admixtures of software, hardware, and wetware that reduce or eliminate through practical design the cyberphysical mean of automating those tasks best suited for machine intelligence and so afford the allowance of uniquely human engagement of greater potential relevance, and at a level of efficacy, and quality formerly deemed too costly for common practice.

Functioning within a Fog/Edge computational architecture, these instruments, from handheld devices to wheelchairs, streetlights and wayfinding signage, cars to aircraft, every sheltered walkway and building are to be re-conceived to enhance situational awareness, reduce the workload of our daily exercise of moment-to moment decision-making.

Better relationships make for better democracy and so our vision of considering every design thought in the context of our human ecosystem, together we forge psychosocially, socioeconomically and environmentally responsible alternatives to tradition-bound expressions of critical infrastructure, cyberphysical instruments formulated and demonstrated in community-centric, experiential public usability labs.

Citizens, our compatriots, will not be placated with condescending promises of feel-good engagement, the insinuation it is remarkable they are listened to by the real decision-makers. No, this is to be a hands-on, problem-oriented creative action, the making of decisions with direct consequences in our lived experience of community as a whole.

Our federation is a cooperative capitalist society holding-in-union, the belief, that without disciplined study and practice of economic democracy, social democracy must prove unsustainable, suffer corruption, and fail its true promise. It is in light of this profession that we exercise an advanced evidence-based organizational framework characterized as Technocratic Sociocracy.

Monetization is a general description of cultural technology used in the exchange of value, the most important value of active responsibility in the management of one’s community. That means a greater emphasis on lifelong education and training for every member to better able to shoulder the responsibilities formerly delegated to professional politicians. Instead, we distribute responsibility, decisions, and accountability closer to the points of real-world application. Using technology purposed to amuse people to death while surrendering their authority to instead enhance their familial and communal relationships, their ability to cohesively effect a better community. Mindful of the sheer stress of working for a living focus on reducing the cost of living through efficient infrastructure.

The corresponding increased efficacy in use of resources and organization of services through our federated union means that people are compensated to do work that makes their communities work for them while also reducing the cost of business operation at every level. This practical focus on serving Worker-Owned Maker Cooperatives is the most effective means today of directly placing the most competitive tools of production within the hands of people enabiled by true democratic freedoms and so make manifest equal justice for the sake of equal opportunity.

The Cambridge ArtScience Culture Lab and Café and the Action Design Network have provided significant contributions to the definition of mission and character formation of this unique federation of diverse communities of practice. ArtScience and Action Design inform our strategic mode of attraction rather than promotion marketing. We don’t sell, we consult, our practice of attraction, a cardinal value to create and demonstrate works that in form and in function, are Indistinguishable From Magic.

This is the science of our tradition . . .