Astronomers Despair As SpaceX Starlink Train Ruins Observation Of Nearby Galaxies | Forbes

In the early hours of the morning today, Monday, November 18, two astronomers checked in on their remotely operated telescope in Chile, expecting to see images of distant stars and galaxies. Instead, they saw a train of SpaceX satellites crossing the night sky, a worrying sign of what might be to come for astronomy.

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My first thought was how did they not see this coming, and second thought, for SpaceX there is no downside because eventually this forces astronomers to fully invest in off-world telescopes. Not satellite-based but more than likely Lunar Observatories and guess who offers to get them there, for a nominal fee of course.

Like WEBN FM’s Brute Force Cybernetics, “The Clancy That Creates A Problem, Then Solves It!”

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