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.coop is a TLD or Top-Level Domain name extension used on the Internet to clearly identify an organization that is devoted to the disciplined study and practice of cooperative principles.

The time has come for those among you who share in these values and hopefully our intended expression of them, to lend this mission your vote of confidence.

We seek to register a new primary domain name of FR.COOP to serve as an unambiguous symbol of our society united in cooperativism. Find your way to our Patreon account, register, vote for our future.

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“You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

Fleet Réalta Cooperatives, intended as a unique Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation, a Co-operative Capitalist, Federated  Union of Worker Cooperatives governed by a Technocratic variant of Sociocracy.

Much as a federal credit union, we strive to enable Economic Democracy for Social Democracy by technically extending those business fundamentals, providing deeply engaged fiscal sponsorship to our Maker Cooperatives through Critical Intelligence and Infrastructure as a Service.

This level of high personalization reduces systemic costs, while better managing the inherent risks of innovation characteristically borne by this primary constituency and their corresponding Ancillary Cooperative service organizations.

Fleet Réalta Cooperatives are Cultural Technology designed to collaboratively visualize, analyze, synthesize, manage together, to continuously optimize human strengths, accommodate human limitations.

As a union, we are uncompromisingly dedicated to serving the public good via public-private partnerships, building instrumental fusions of software, hardware, wetware that promote healthy, fit, thriving communities through the reinvention of critical infrastructure.

In the execution of our ArtScience, we own a moral context that demands the processes of labor and its fruit be equitably just in its apportionment, accessible and accountable, characteristically adaptive, flexible, and highly resilient, for life and prosperity in a volatile world.

Makers Making A Better Living.

The Three Laws of Making

  1. When any presumed scientific authority states that something is possible to make, they are almost certainly right, and whenever such an authority states that something is impossible to make, they are in all probability wrong.
  2. The only way of discovering the limits of “The Possible” is to risk our time, talent, and treasure to venture just a little way beyond that into “The Impossible”.
  3. The associated risk of these ventures must be predicated on their potential for ensuring the fitness of our species to survive, executing them in form and in function, so advanced as to appear indistinguishable from magic.

Inspired by Arthur C. Clarke’s Three Laws

Newsweek: Bernie Sanders Says, Donald Trump Loves Socialism – Just NOT for the Working Class

By Alexandra Hutzler on 2019-06-12 @ 9:56 AM EDT

Senator Bernie Sanders will outline his democratic socialist vision in a speech at George Washington University on Wednesday, during which he is expected to say that President Donald Trump loves socialism but only for the elite.

“While President Trump and his fellow oligarchs attack us for our support of democratic socialism, they don’t really oppose all forms of socialism,” Sanders will say, according to excerpts of his remarks released by his 2020 presidential campaign.

“They may hate democratic socialism because it benefits working people, but they absolutely love corporate socialism that enriches Trump and other billionaires,” Sanders will tell the crowd.

President Trump and the Republican Party repeatedly attack Sanders for being a self-described democratic socialist and attacking the Democratic Party as socialist has become part of Trump’s re-election strategy.

Read the full article here . . .

Fox News Analyst Admits Bernie’s Speech Is Convincing | The Rational National

Whenever the government provides opportunities in privileges for White people and rich people they call it “Subsidized” when they do it for Negro and Poor People they call it “Welfare.” The fact is that everybody in this country lives on welfare. Suburbia was built with federally subsidized credit. And highways that take our White brothers out to the suburbs were built with federally subsidized money to the tune of 90 percent. Everybody is on welfare in this country. The problem is that we all too often have socialism for the rich and rugged free enterprise capitalism for the poor.
― Martin Luther King, Jr, “The Minister to the Valley,” February 23, 1968, From the archives of the SCLC.

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